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We are currently camped along a very small mountain lake called Pillar Lake.  We arrived here Thursday afternoon after passing through Kamloops.  Pillar Lake is just to the north of a sleepy little town call Falkland.  This is about 40 miles to the south east of Kamloops.  We found this fantastic lake side provincial park by utilizing https://freecampsites.net.  This is a great resource for finding low cost places to boon dock.  In the case of this particular site it is free and designated as a “user maintained” campsite.  The lake itself is narrow, no more than 200’ across, and about ¾ of a mile long.  There are several loons on the lake bulking up on food before heading south.  During the daytime there have been several fishermen with their small row boat sized boats out plying the lake for trout.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the loons.  There is nothing like the song of the loon!

When we realized we were coming up on the Labor Day Weekend we realized we needed to find someplace to camp so we weren’t trying to find places to stay each day as we traveled south.  Additionally, we are planning to stop in Spokane to get the fuel pump rebuilt.  This will necessitate two to three days of downtime.  Not wanting to be stranded over the weekend we decided to find a good place to park and enjoy some downtime resuming our travels south after Labor Day.  With the beautiful spot we have and the peace and quiet overnight we are parked here for the duration of the long weekend.

2016_0901_PillarLake_Falkland_BC_03 2016_0901_PillarLake_Falkland_BC_02 2016_0902_PillarLakeLoons_Falkland_BC_01

Juvenile Loon:2016_0902_PillarLakeLoons_Falkland_BC_02

Tuesday morning we’ll continue our way south with the intention of entering into the US at the little town of Midway, BC.  Midway is about 150 miles from here traveling down to Vernon, to Kelowna and then on to Midway following BC Highway 33 south towards the border.  Upon entering back into the US we’ll travel east along some unlabeled highways until we get to US Highway 395.  We will then follow Highway 395 south into Spokane.

Upon arriving in Spokane I’ll coordinate with the rebuild shop a time to drop off the fuel pump with the intention of picking it up the next day.  Having the pump rebuilt by this shop will save a few hundred dollars over buying a rebuilt pump directly from Cummins.

In the meantime I’ve begun applying for jobs.  It is still early in the process, but what I’m seeing is encouraging.  There are a lot of jobs out there that I could qualify for.

Bus mileage:

  • Wednesday, 8/31: 204 (south of Valemont, BC)
  • Thursday, 9/1: 234 (Falkland – Pillar Lake, BC)

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  1. Daniel Cerrato

    Hi Brian, wished we read your blog prior to meeting you & your wonderful family. Things will work their way, as my deceased father always broken recorded me/us, “where there’s a will there’s a way” and “keep the faith”. I really love your rig, you have done a fantastic thing in your portable home. We’re in Alabama working our way home to FL. Running on three sets of brakes, had a brake drum crumble weeks after a downhill brake burn in Jasper on the icefield parkway. Everything is good, just being real cautious tempting fate. Still got good stopping power but really likes to pull. Disconnected the supply air to front driver’s side can and cut off remaining drum to alleviate out-of-balance condition. We’ll make it as will you and yours. Give you tons of credit guy. Keep on keeping on. We’ll stay in touch. Really like your blog. We’ve had the Onan on & running for two days straight. Too damned hot! Road air is the way to go. In time we’d love to do 5+ months a year in Alaska (based on Tok 🙂 )
    Dan, Sandy, & Ace

    1. Brian Post author

      Wow Dan – you have had a very adventurous drive back home! Be careful with those brakes!

      Sounds like you are almost home and due for some much needed time to make repairs on the rig. Enjoy time with your kids and grand-kids as I’m sure they have missed you.

      Drive safe!

    1. Brian Post author

      I’ve been using the job boards like InDeed, Career Builder, Monster, etc. to find interesting jobs. I’ve also been using the websites for individual companies, like Micron and University of Boise. So far I have a number of resumes and applications submitted to different companies in the Boise area, Colorado Springs, and others. We’ll see what happens as my resume is also searchable on several of the job boards. I have had a couple of screening phone calls from recruiters already.


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