Completing One Journey

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It is strange the way time has gone by so quickly.  It seems like just a little while ago we were planning our trip to Alaska and back.  Now we are back.  Thursday we arrived in the Boise area after successfully installing the rebuilt fuel pump on Wednesday, bringing our journey to an end.

We now find ourselves beginning a new journey.  This journey is about establishing ourselves in a new area.  We need most importantly to land a job.  We also need to learn our way around the area.  We’ve started looking to see what the housing market is like as we begin to look at the different neighborhoods to see which ones might work for us and which ones we would like to avoid.  We also need to find a church where we can settle in, but not just any church.  The church needs to be solidly and biblically proclaiming the gospel and teaching verse by verse through the Bible.

On the job front I have submitted around 30 applications over the past two weeks and had two interviews.  From my perspective there are lots of opportunities.  I just need to find the right one.  I continue to spend time every day looking at potential jobs and call this my job.  My job is to find a job and get working again.

We have also found a place to camp for a few weeks.  It is an RV park located along the green belt along the Boise River just to the west of Boise in Garden City.  This will be a week to week place to stay until they have a monthly spot open up.  This place was not our idea of a great place to stay.  However, there are extremely limited vacancies in the area RV parks and many of the vacancies don’t work for us since they have a rule that no motor homes over 10 years old are allowed on their weekly or monthly discounted rates.  We will benefit from being less than 10 minutes from downtown Boise though.  In the end we settled for the best of least desirable alternatives.  I’ll post a picture once we settle in.  Our arrival date at the RV Park is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20th.  For now we will continue to enjoy our spot along the Snake River about 50 minutes south and west of Boise.

The bus is on the left hand side of the following two pictures:

2016_0917_trappersflat_marsing_id_01 2016_0917_trappersflat_marsing_id_02

As I mentioned earlier we got the rebuilt fuel pump back from the rebuilder on Tuesday afternoon.  By the time we got back to the bus it was too late to install the pump Tuesday evening.  (The sun sets so early now!)  Wednesday morning I got up and started the installation work.  Everything went back together without any issues.   However, when I went to start the bus I found the start batteries were too low to crank over the engine.  I then went to start the generator to charge the batteries and found the generator wouldn’t crank over due to the low start batteries.  I then connected the start batteries to the house batteries, but still didn’t have enough juice to start the bus or generator engine since the house batteries were discharged pretty low as well.  So, I just jump started the generator with the Jeep.  Ten minutes of charging of the main batteries and the bus engine fired right up.  Other than this little challenge we had no issues with the fuel pump replacement.  Yes!  The bus ran great all the way from Spokane down to Boise and all without leaking anything.  Success!

The fuel pump bolts up to the end of the air compressor housing you see in the middle of the below picture:


Rebuilt, freshly painted, and ready to be bolted on:2016_0914_fuelpumprebuild_02 2016_0914_fuelpumprebuild_03 2016_0914_fuelpumprebuild_04

Wednesday night we stopped at the same place we stopped and stayed the night on our way north.  This is just to the east of Riggins, ID.  (See post )  Unlike on our trip north when everything was still nice and green, this time it was very dry.  We are in the dry season for western and southern Idaho right now and it sure looks like it!


Thursday we drove the rest of the way south to where we are staying now.  We are at a sportsman access to the Snake River called Trapper’s Flat.  It is a nice place to stay with just a little bit of traffic coming and going.  We are limited to just a handful of nights though.  We have enjoyed the time on the river watching Flickers, King Fisher’s, Great Blue Herons, Dragon Flies, and some wild kitty cats going about their daily activities.

I plan to upload an Alaska Trip reflections post.  I have a lot of my thoughts down in writing, but need to continue to shape it and adjust to accurately reflect what I want to convey.

I also want to thank everyone who followed along with us on our dream trip to Alaska.  Our next journey in life is to get our kids launched successfully into the world and on their own – at least as far as we have control over that!

Bus Mileage:

  • Wednesday, 9/14: 244 (Riggins, ID)
  • Thursday, 9/15: 206 (Trappers Flat, Marsing, ID)

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