RV Land

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We are safely tucked into site #27 in RV Land.  Well, not officially called RV Land, but that is what I’m calling it.  RV Land is noted by its narrow spaces, plethora of gravel, minimum of trees (but way better than most KOAs I’ve seen!), and RVs in varying degrees of full time living.  We are backed into a site on the outer edge of the park bordering on a trail called the Green Belt.  The Green Belt runs about 4.5 miles east to Boise and about 5 miles west to Eagle.  The trail runs along the Boise River creating a nice green space behind us.  We have enough green space behind us to support a healthy population of crickets.  Nice.

Being in an RV park also means we are deep inside the noise zone.  We have air conditioners next to us running, dogs barking, sirens blaring, helicopters flying overhead and the normal road traffic noises from all the city streets surrounding us.  I’m sure we will get used to the noise, but right now it is just grating.

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On the bright side we are now plugged into a power pole and have unlimited power.  The last time we were plugged into 30 amp power was in Branson, MO way back at the beginning of our trip.  We did have some 15 amp power for a couple of days in Fairbanks, but we had to carefully ration our usage since it was just 15 amps.  After living on solar power and batteries for the past 4 months it feels strange to just turn on the hot water heater and leave it on without worrying about draining the batteries.  We also were able to just “run up” to Cabela’s this evening to pick up a few items.  Oh – we also have a good cellular signal instead of the variable signal we’ve had the prior five days.  So – all is not lost.

I continue to focus on job hunting when not helping out with home school.  One of the great things about being home is that I’m able to lead our morning Bible class where as in the past Hilary had to do this without me.  It is much nicer for all of us to be able to study the Bible together for Bible class.  Our current study is on the book of Romans using a study aid from Pastor John MacArthur.  The study has just enough depth to be challenging for both Breann and Hannah, but not so deep as to lose them along the way.  Perfect.

On the job front I’ve submitted another bunch of applications to various companies and job types.  I’ve even submitted applications to jobs all over the country that look like they would be open to telecommuting.  In another first for me I had to install Skype on my computer today.  I’ve managed to avoid Skype for a decade, but now my interest in telecommuting demands a way to efficiently have face to face conversations with other people.  My first Skype interview is on Thursday.  Hopefully Verizon doesn’t let me down as I’m dependent upon our MiFi hot spot for internet access.  I expect it to go well.

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