No Comments on Hard!

This part of the “master plan” has been hard.  I don’t know what I expected, but I think my vision included landing another job more easily.  I have spent almost every single day since the beginning of September looking and applying for a job.  I’ve also looked extensively for freelancer related positions utilizing the UpWork website.  I have a number of open proposals out which may yet still lead to something, but haven’t so far.

What I truly find amazing is how little interaction I’ve been able to generate with a live person on the other end.  With close to 100 applications submitted I’ve had only a few handfuls of interactions with a live person via email and even less with a person by phone.  I find this odd considering my level of experience and extensive background.

Amazingly I have had very little feedback from any of the applications I’ve submitted.  As a job seeker I’m shocked at how little I’ve gotten back from companies I’ve applied to.  I know companies can become inundated with applicants for any one position.  However, how difficult would it be for them to send out a simple form letter (email) saying they had considered me for the position, but had decided to go with someone else who was more qualified?  This is so easy to do (think form letter), yet I have received at most 8 – 10 “thanks, but no thanks” responses.  This is less than a 10% response rate.  Shocking.

For the past four weeks we have been stationary here at the Boise River RV Park.  I have taken the opportunity to get a few things done on the vehicles including:

  • Full chassis lube
  • Repaired a wiring issue causing the speed sensor to not work – made cruise control inoperable!
  • Fixed the latch on the front door opener mechanism
  • Rotated the tires on the Jeep
  • Got the oil in the Jeep changed
  • Scheduled the bus for an oil change at Cummins (Tuesday morning)
  • Scrubbed a full summer’s worth of bugs off the front of the bus (wow – a lot of bugs!)
  • Cleaned all the dirt and dust from Alaska out of the door jambs on the Jeep – found out the door jambs were actually green in color, not brown

Okay – back to the job search!

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