Odds and Ends (Tidbits)

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We are in Bozeman, MT at camp Wal-Mart.  Why are we in Bozeman you ask?  It all started a few weeks back when Hilary and I looked at each other and asked if we should start looking for a job outside of the Boise area?  So – I started applying for jobs outside of Boise.  One of the jobs I applied for is in Bozeman.  It turned out the hiring organization was interested in having me come in for an in person interview after a successful phone screen call with the hiring manager.

It also was the case that Hilary and I decided we should go back to Minnesota and get our trailer.  There were a couple of reasons for the decision to get our trailer now before having a job and a place to settle already determined.  The primary reasons were:

  • We needed our winter gear
  • Our trailer was no longer in inside storage since the place we had stored it over the summer had prior commitments for the covered storage area for winter
  • Winter is coming and we didn’t want to be trying to tow the big trailer on snowy icy roads – better to get it now
  • We have a place we can store the trailer without charge for as long as we need to out in Boise (Thanks Brother!)

We also needed to take care of some business in Minnesota as well.  Everything just came together perfectly for us to make a dash back to Minnesota.

The best part of our trip to Minnesota was getting to spend time with family.  We got to spend lots of great time visiting and hanging out with family.  In fact, I got to spend more time with Hilary’s parents these past few days than I had been able to spend in an entire year while we were living in Minnesota.  How about that!

In addition to good time with family I was also able to connect with a friend from my last job.  It was nice to catch up on his life and to discuss our respective plans for the future as we are both trying to change things up in our lives.  He is considering changing career fields all together while I’m just trying to refocus my career a bit differently than it had been before.  Lots of changes and change takes time.

For our combined fall birthdays, Hilary’s parents gave us a book about Minnesota State Parks called Prairie Lake Forest by Doug Ohman and Chris Niskanen.  They want to make sure we will never forget all the great places we have been to in Minnesota.  Like we ever could!  In looking over the map of all the state parks, we realized we have visited well over 50% of them.  Hilary attributes this large number to being able to visit the parks on the edges of the seasons in our rig.  We avoid most of the crowds and bugs present at other times of the year. We will enjoy having the book to facilitate our remembrances.  Thanks Mom and Pa!

So here we are in Bozeman after an uneventful trip west bound after leaving Minnesota yesterday morning.  Thankfully, the trailer is towing well and there have been no issues.  The only thing I’ve noticed is there is some rapid wear on the rear outer tire treads.  This could be from having tires marginally rated for the load they are carrying right now.

Another tidbit of information you can file under the “trivial” category is we turned over 100,000 miles on the bus yesterday since we bought it in 2002.  This also means we have put 73,000 miles on the repowered Cummins engine since I installed it in 2007.  100,000 miles is a significant milestone for any vehicle and even more so for a motor home.  When we bought the bus in 2002 I had hopes of using it a lot to travel and see the country.  I guess this means we have been able to do just that!  Maybe we’ll put another 100,000 miles on it over the next 14 years?  Who knows!

Today and tomorrow we are going to use a rental car to check out the Bozeman area.  Bozeman has a lot to offer including a state college campus, outdoor recreation, arts and culture, and several high tech businesses.  Of course, as my brother said, just because Bozeman has a “B”, an “O”, and an “E” does not make it Boise.  I hear you brother!

This first picture was taken while cruising down the road heading east on our way out of Idaho.


Some views of our really long rig!

20161028_095705 20161028_095731

100,000 miles!


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