Fall Beauty

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We have arrived back in Boise.  The drive across Montana and down into Idaho is just spectacular.  While we did have to buck some pretty stiff head winds the drive turned out to be better than we had expected.  Sunday night there was a high wind warning for the Butte/Bozeman area with gusts over 60 mph expected.  By the time we headed out Monday afternoon the high wind warning had been cancelled.  We did have a few “moments” where the wind really pushed us around, but by the time we hit Butte the worst of the wind was over.  The trailer towed very well and other than some excessive tire wear on the back tires there were absolutely no issues.  Tonight the trailer is safely locked away in a controlled access storage yard.

We did stop for a quick break at Craters of the Moon National Monument today.  We really enjoy the stark beauty of this park.  We only stopped for a few minutes so we could stretch our legs.  We hiked across some of the old lava flows enjoying the swirls and patterns of the lava flows.  We also found an old lava tube that was still accessible.  It was neat to look in the tube and think about how hot lava used to flow through it thousands of years ago when the area was still volcanicly active.  These pictures don’t do the area justice, but at least you get an idea.

20161101_105144 20161101_105138 20161101_105132

We have enjoyed the fall colors contrasted with the snow on the mountain peaks all the way here.  Fall is one of our favorite times of the year.  Check out some of the colors we enjoyed while walking along the Boise Green Belt path this afternoon!

20161101_163128 20161101_163108 20161101_162954

You may be wondering about my interview on Monday.  I spent three hours talking with three different individuals from the senior director on down to a Sr. Systems Administrator.  It was a good conversation all the way around.  There will be more news to follow shortly.

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  1. Christy

    We loved seeing you all on your visit back to MN and continue to pray for your job search and for favor with prospective employers. God bless Brian, Hilary, Breann and Hannah!


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