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I was pleased to accept an offer of employment from Oracle yesterday.  This is a really great offer and I hope to live up to my new bosses expectations!  I will be working to support Oracle’s Responsys product as a technical lead for the America’s shift.  This position is located in Bozeman with my staff in California and Bozeman.  This should be a pretty interesting opportunity as we will be supporting this very high volume, high demand Saas (Software as a Service) application.  You can learn more about the product here: Oracle Responsys.  The Oracle campus is comprised of six buildings on the south side of Bozeman.  The buildings look like they are luxury condo buildings and inside they are just as nice.  It appears to be a very nice office environment.  I should be able to begin in about two weeks once all the normal background checks and other pre-employment processes are completed.

Now the next part of the adventure begins – assimilating into a new community.  Right now, one of the most pressing challenges is finding a place to stay short term while we look for a house.  Oh – and the housing market is booming – really booming!  A house in Boise might list for $225,000 while the exact same house would list for around $350,000 in Bozeman.  Talk about housing sticker shock!  There is almost nothing selling in the Bozeman area for less than $275,000.  Even a little tiny house in the old neighborhood is listing for $385,000.  This house is unimpressive and on a very small lot without a garage.  Apparently the housing market has been booming for the past year and a half and looks to be on track to continue its boom for the foreseeable future.  Even rentals are expensive.  Oh, and don’t even get us started on all the HOA’s – YIKES!

From our time driving around Bozeman last weekend we found a couple of grocery stores, a fantastic Co-Op market, a possible church, and most importantly of all two big box home improvement stores.  The entire Bozeman area is really pretty compressed.  It only takes about 15 minutes to drive from one side of town to the other – during rush hour!  We also really like all the hiking trails.  Bozeman is surrounded by mountains on all sides making it a very picturesque area to live.  Hopefully we will be able to fully appreciate all the area has to offer as we start to make it our home.  With Montana State University located on the south side of town we are hoping the girls will be able to find a program they can get excited about and stay in the area as they go to college.  We will see!  Maybe we can get a campus visit in before I start fulltime.

I wrote this post two days ago.  Since I wrote this post two other potential employers have started “courting” me.  So … This week could be very interesting.  Stay tuned!  (We are currently back in Boise right now waiting for the paperwork to be completed and working through the other two possibilities.)

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