Marking Time?

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As I hinted in my last post things are not 100% locked in as far as my next job is concerned.  In fact, I’m flying down to San Antonio tomorrow for an interview on Wednesday.  This potential employer knows I’ve accepted another offer, yet is still interested enough in me to fly me down for an in person interview.  This job has the potential to be much more of a fit for me than the Oracle job.  Only time will tell though.  I also have a company in Boise expressing interest in making me an offer again after they told me no just a week ago.

With things still up in the air it started to feel a bit like we are just “marking time”.  I felt like I was stuck and didn’t want to go out and explore more in the area as it would only get my hopes up more for a Boise job after all.  So, to break the stagnation we decided to just get out and go do what we always enjoy – take a drive in the country.  This time our drive in the country also involved a drive into the mountains to the east and north of Boise.

Here is the route we took on Google maps:


It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and perfect for a drive out past Lucky Peak dam on Idaho 21 and then east along the Arrowrock reservoir.  Most of the drive was on back country dirt roads.  We stopped a few times to enjoy the silence and marvel in the fall colors.  It was a great few hours.

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As we neared Boise on our return we checked out the Bonneville Point commemoration marker.  This marker commemorates a spot on the Oregon Trail where west bound settlers would crest a point and be able to look down into the Boise river valley.  At this point they had crossed the treacherous and arduous desert region of southern Idaho.  The settlers could begin to look forward to completing their journey as they were over 2/3rds of the way at this point.  Also providing a much needed emotional lift was the opportunity to stop and rest in the Boise River valley area before striking out again.


Boise is off in the distance (to the west) and while not very clear in the picture it is easy to see all the trees growing along the river in the valley.  What an exciting view it must have been for the weary travelers!2016_1106_165624aa

Looking south from the point:2016_1106_170515aa

Looking north from the point:2016_1106_170913aa

At the end of the afternoon we arrived back at the bus rejuvenated and ready for the new week.

2 thoughts on “Marking Time?

  1. Gary and Carol

    Brian what a great writer you are. We are sure enjoying your blog. What an adventure you are having. We hope your job decision makes you as happy as your decision to explore this marvelous country of ours. A big hug to Hillary, the girls and you. God Bless you all.

    1. Brian Post author

      Hi Aunt Carol – Thanks for following along with us on our adventure! Things are moving forward right now and hopefully I’ll have more to share shortly.



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