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alamopictureAs I hinted in my last post things were still a little up in the air even after the job offer from Oracle.  There were many things about the job that were not a perfect fit for myself or the family, but it was a job with great pay.  That was why I decided to move forward with the Oracle job.

However, in the past two weeks another company, General Dynamics, pursued me for a technical, hands on position working with a web app supported by an Oracle database back-end.  Yes!   Last week I flew down to San Antonio to meet with the team for an in person interview.  I got to meet 6 people on the team over 3 hours.  Everything I learned about the role was perfectly in line with what I was looking for.

But … the location would not work for us in the summer due to the high humidity.  Humidity and Hilary do not get along at all.  I proposed to the company that I would work on site in San Antonio for up to 6 months and then after that time work remote from Boise.  They agreed, especially since I was willing to work on site to get to know the team and the product.  After negotiating a few details I accepted a good offer from General Dynamics.

I’m really excited about this job for a couple of reasons:

  • Hands on technical working with Oracle databases – Yes!
  • Working to lead the Database team to improve the quality of the product and implement standards – Yes!
  • Ability to work remotely – Yes!
  • Working with the military – get to support our military in this role – Yes!
  • Fantastic team of people committed to the success of the product – Yes!
  • Get to explore San Antonio for a few months – Yes!
  • Better vacation time policy – Yes!

There is some disappointment by others in the family primarily due to the desire for stability and no further changes.  This job requires us to live in San Antonio for a while and then we’ll be able to move back to Boise.  This does not mesh with the desire to settle down NOW.  So, while I’m excited about the position and the fact we’ll get to live in Boise down the road, others in the family are still trying to come to grips with the change and the fact we won’t be “settling in” until late spring or early summer here in Boise.  I completely understand what they are thinking and feeling.

While the job will pay less than what Oracle was offering, our actual free cash flow should be better.  This is primarily due to the housing market.  In Bozeman the housing market is just plain expensive and we were going to have to take out a fairly large mortgage in order to buy a house.  Once we are done in San Antonio and come back to Boise we’ll be able to purchase a house much more reasonably.  This will increase our actual free cash flow.  I think this is a win-win!

I will be beginning the new job early December.  If everything goes according to plan I should actually get a pay check before the end of the year.  I will have been unemployed for about seven months by choice at that point.  I’ll be glad to have a paycheck again, but I’m really grateful for the blessing of the resources God has given to us thereby allowing us to enjoy this past summer in Alaska.  It was awesome!

Up next we plan to drive back to Minnesota for Thanksgiving with Hilary’s family and then head down to Texas to be ready for the new job.  I’m hoping while we are in San Antonio to really get to explore what the city has to offer.  Check out this “Trip Advisor” link with all the things to do and see in the area:

I’d also like to make it out to the gulf coast a few times and enjoy the beach as we get into the early spring months.  Lots to do and see!

2 thoughts on “Change of Plans

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  2. Barb

    Congrats on the new opportunity. Sounds exciting…and able to work remote in time. great.
    If you ever feel like sharing the “know how” to find remote jobs, I’d love to know.
    Wish you and the family the very best and a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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