Raptor Field Trip

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Back at the beginning of October while I was out hunting in the back woods with my brothers Hilary took the girls to the World Center for Birds of Prey located south of Bose.

Fall Flights

Fall Flights

The highlight of the visit was getting to experience many different raptors in free flight.  The staff bring out various raptors and release them from various spots around the spectator arena including one bird from across a valley.  Unfortunately it has been so long now since they went that the names of the various birds have been lost in the recesses of Hilary’s lyme brain.  (Although, with the help of the internet we were able figure out several of the birds!)

It was truly incredible to see the birds up close and personal.  You can see from the pictures just how close the audience was able to be to the birds.  Equally impressive was getting to be so close to the birds as they flew by.  Some people had the wing tips of several birds brush them as they flew past homing in on the fresh meat used as bait.  If you are ever here in October (this event is only offered in October) this outing is highly recommended if love raptors.  It was a fantastic experience for the very modest entry fee charged.


Boise is off in the distance over the hill. This is the hill one of the raptors was released from.


This is one incredible owl! A Eurasian Eagle Owl.  Their flight is completely silent.

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This is the Eurasian Eagle Owl again.  They have beautiful orange eyes.2016_1001_152238aa 2016_1001_152404aa 2016_1001_152639aa 2016_1001_152745aa 2016_1001_152756aa 2016_1001_152843aa 2016_1001_153332aa 2016_1001_153338aa 2016_1001_153448aa 2016_1001_154234aa

Check out this beautiful Aplomado Falcon.2016_1001_154443aa 2016_1001_154622aa

This is called an Ornate Hawk Eagle.  Wow!2016_1001_155532aaBateleur Eagle2016_1001_160050aa 2016_1001_160056aa

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