Beginning a New Chapter

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The last update I gave had our near term plans figured out.  We needed to be in San Antonio by December 5th so I could start my new job with General Dynamics.  With a couple of weeks to go and Thanksgiving in between we decided it would be nice to share Thanksgiving with Hilary’s family in Minnesota.  So, Monday afternoon, November 21st we pulled out from Boise Riverside RV Park and began our journey back across Montana and the Dakotas to Minnesota.

Driving across Idaho and Montana is always a favorite for us.  We enjoy the desolate moon like wide open spaces of southern Idaho.  There is something very freeing about being able to see from horizon to horizon.  In our case we drove along the scenic Idaho Highway 21.  This highway skirts the southern boundary of the Sawtooth Mountains.  This gave us snow capped mountain peaks to the north and wide open spaces east to west and to the south.  Incredible!

Montana is a dramatic change from southern Idaho.  Much of the middle part of Interstate 90/94 travels along the scenic Yellowstone river valley.  The Interstate travels up and over major mountain ranges along the way giving dramatic views of rugged mountain peaks and broad river valleys filled with cattle and horses grazing in pastures.  Unlike back in October, this time our drive was characterized by bright blue sunny skies.  Bright and sunny days always highlight the beauty of the late fall colors bringing dramatic color variations between the northward and southward facing mountain ridges and slopes.  Every once in a while the pale browns of the hillsides would be contrasted by the explosion of yellow leaves of alder and aspen thickets.

Driving across Montana - view from the driver's seat

Driving across Montana – view from the driver’s seat

Thanksgiving with family was as it should be – comfortable and joyous times filled with laughter and marked by great eats.  We were able to spend time with most of Hilary’s immediate family.  We were even able to fit in a night out with some dear friends.  Our time went by quickly and before we knew it we had to get on the road again this time heading south.

Over the past few years I’ve wondered what it would be like to be able to escape the dead cold winter days of Minnesota by moving south for the winter.  This year I get to live it out and see what it is like.  What an incredible opportunity!

Our drive south was generally unremarkable.  One thing that really stood out to us was just how … much … traffic there was between Fort Worth and San Antonio.  Interstate 35 is six lanes all the way from north of Fort Worth to San Antonio.  It was generally packed with traffic the entire way.  Additionally, there was basically no end to the development along the Interstate.  When looking at a map one expects to see areas of city and then countryside based upon the spacing of cities along the way.  The reality is that one town just blends right into the next and there is almost a continuous frontage road along the highway giving access to all the businesses and communities.  Amazing!

We are now parked at the Stone Creek RV Park north and east of San Antonio.  We’ve already found the important things like a doctor (to work with Hilary’s Lyme doctor from New York), Wal-Mart (just up the road), H-E-B (grocery store), Lowes and a possible church.  This location puts me about 20 miles away from the office.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.  The time we had this summer has been an interlude between our last chapter and this new chapter.  We are all a little excited, scared, nervous, and hopeful about what this new chapter will hold for us.  There are many risks along the way that we just can’t predict the outcome of right now.  We have found this uncertainty about the future to be a good opportunity to exercise our faith and continue to put our confidence in the Lord.

5 thoughts on “Beginning a New Chapter

  1. Amy Nunnemaker

    Welcome to Stone Creek. (Someone from your family met my son the other day and gave him your blog address. He’s the kid with the motorized scooter.) We are also from the midwest (Michigan) and have been in Texas for a little over two years. If you need any tips about living in this area Don’t hesitate to ask. We’ve been in Stone Creek since last May.

    1. Brian Post author

      Thanks for the warm welcome Amy. We’ll have to catch up later as we’d love to get some ideas on outdoor things to do in the area.

      1. Amy Nunnemaker

        There is tons to do around here. Also you are welcome to come to our church for Christmas Eve if you are around and don’t have a service to attend already. We go to River City Community Church in Selma.

  2. Barb and Gary Barnes

    Looking forward to your next post about life in Texas! It was so good to see you all on Thanksgiving. Love and blessings, Barb B.


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